Proof of Life

through your mobile and/or PC, the my proof of life system regularly verifies, according to a frequency defined by you, that you are alive and well.

if you fail to give proof of life for a pre-defined period, the system proceeds to deliver the information you set up, strictly in accordance to your instructions.

browser and mobile app

Why subscribe?

some people have a heart condition, some have to visit a dangerous location, some people just know that accidents happen…
is your relevant information, namely critical access codes, available to the ones you trust in case anything unfortunate happens to you right now?

subscribing to my proof of life now, the danger of total loss regarding your critical data can be zero in 5 minutes.

mobile access

Critical specs

the main aspects of my proof of life. why it is a critical asset in today's connected world.


my proof of life in two steps.
step one: subscribe
step two: configure


all operating parameters of
my proof of life are defined or tunned by the user.
all details are critical.


at my proof of life, security standards are in line with the industry's best practices.
your information is safe.


my proof of life is inline with the citizenware concept. so, privacy, after security, is the top priority.


my proof of life is a multi-platform system. native apps are available in both iOS and Android. a browser based application makes it 100% cross platform.


my proof of life is a cloud system. it is available almost everywhere on Earth, and in the ISS. as long as there is internet signal, you can give proof of life.
[more under preparation]


my proof of life allows several grades of service. information can be delivered using several different media, involving simple email, actual letters in the mail, or even live phone calls.


all timestamping and action triggers, rely on official time keepers.


even if some hacker could access our databases, all information we store is anonymized. for the data stored at my proof of life to be of any use, the user’s identity would have to be sorted out, and the criminal would need access to the physical device that the information applies to.