Article 1 – Privacy policy

User’s data collection, processing and storage is made in strict compliance with personal data protection law, namely the GDPR (

There are two types of information collection:

  1. mdss relies on Google Analytics for traffic and usage analysis. Google is responsible for its compliance and, at mdss in good faith believe their services policies ( don’t collide with our Security and Privacy policies or the law.
  2. Using Proof of Life implies the need for mdss to manage a certain amount of personal information. mdss will only use personal information for the purposes for which it was collected (or for a use identified as consistent with that purpose). Personal information will NOT be shared with other entities and will NOT be used to any means other than providing the Proof of Life service and functionalities.

No promotional or commercial information will be delivered using contact information collected in the Proof of Life application.

According to the Law Users have the right to full access, correction, or deletion of any piece of information directly related to him or her. The User can exercise these rights directly in the application, or in writing by contacting mdss using the email address

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