1. These Generic Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between mdss – Meta Documents Systems Lda., [], with headquarters at Rua das Escolas 3, 7040-043 Arraiolos, Portugal, fiscal number 513 289 836, and contact number +351 915 703020, provider of the service “Proof of Life”, from here on designated as “mdss”, and any person that wishes to buy services through the and websites or the “Proof of Life” application, from here on designated as “USER”.
  2. Both parties agree that all purchases made using the or websites, or the “Proof of Life” application are regulated exclusively by the present agreement excluding any conditions previously available in the website.
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Article 1 – Object

  1. Present Generic Terms and Conditions have the objective of defining and making available all the information the USER may need regarding the options on purchases, payments and services, made through the or websites or the “Proof of Life” application.
  2. These conditions regulate all stages required for the purchase to be concluded and guarantee the delivery of the services to the USER.

Article 2 – The order

  1. The USER makes the purchase by following the process of purchase presented in the or websites or in the “Proof of Life” application, adding the desired product(s) or service(s) to the a shopping cart.
  2. To complete a purchase, the USER must:
    a) Register an account in or websites or in the "Proof of Life" application, providing the required information;
    b) Log in by using the email address and password defined when registering;
    c) Provide the required information when prompted (namely payment method, address, Tax identification number and name to fill the invoice).
  3. By completing the purchase process, the USER accepts in full the presented prices and service descriptions, as well as these Generic Terms and Conditions, which will be the only applicable to the contract closed in that way.
  4. mdss will honor all online purchases. In case of “My Proof of Life” unavailability for any reason, mdss commits to inform the USER as soon as it is possible.
  5. All the information in the invoice is sole responsibility of the USER. Invoices cannot be reissued with changes.
  6. In case payment isn’t complete within the time specified in the invoice, services aren’t guaranteed.
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Article 3 – Payments

  1. In or websites or in the "Proof of Life" application, mdss proposes the following payment methods:
    1. via Easypay - Instituição de Pagamento Lda:
    2. - Credit card (Visa, Mastercard);
      - Multibanco reference;
      - SEPA transfer;
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    3. via Paypal account.
    4. logo paypal
  2. When a payment is made using credit card, the charge on the USER’s card happens immediately after confirmation of the capacity for the service to be executed. If there is the impossibility of providing any of the ordered services, its values will be credited back to the USER’s card on the moment the order is closed.

Article 4 – Availability

  1. Services will be available immediately after confirmation of payment.

Article 5 – Prices and rates

  1. Reference prices are in Euros, including all taxes and VAT reflecting the legal value for the USER’s country of residence.
  2. In case there is a price increase to the service, the USER will be immediately informed, having the option of paying the new price when the service renews, or simply cancel the service.
  3. Price changes don’t affect a running subscription until it renews.
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Article 6 – Cancelation

  1. Cancelation processes are treated in a case-by-case basis by mdss – Meta Documents Systems Lda.. Any request for service cancelation must be sent in written by email to, in English or Portuguese, up to 15 days after the order. Replies and communications regarding this subject will be made by mdss using the same channel.
  2. Whenever possible a refund will be made using the same means as the payment however, when that is not possible the USER should present proof of the payment and card ownership, so the refund can be made by money transfer.
  3. mdss will process refunds in less than 15 calendar days.
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